I have used Animated API to scale my center item of FlatListtwice the size and it's working perfectly. The problem is the margins or paddings are not being scaled causing center item to overlap with previous and next item.

My Animated.View

          alignItems: 'center',
          justifyContent: 'center',
          marginLeft: 6,
          marginRight: 6,
          width: 70,
          height: 70,
          borderRadius: 35,
          borderColor: 'white',
          position: 'relative',
          borderWidth: 2,
          transform: [
              scale: animatedValue.interpolate({
                inputRange: [index - 1, index, index + 1],
                outputRange: [1, 2, 1],
                extrapolate: 'clamp'
....other components

I have also tried putting all components inside Animated.View and giving them margin or padding. Still no success.

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