I hope someone can help me with this problem.

I am using javafx and triangle mesh to construct a sphere-like object out of triangles (like a football). The different tiles of the shape are distinguished by color but I want to add lines between the tiles. Like in this football:

The provided 2D lines of javafx bring terrible performance in the 3D space. Therefore I found the FXyzLib that provides a PolyLine3D. This is actually just another triangle mesh that creates a line in a 3D space.

With this I can create 3D lines. But if I want to add them to my original triangle mesh everything else turns black. It is also the other way around. I experimented with the provided example of the Libary found here. It creats a fancy 3D line but when I tried to add a simple red colored sphere to the scene the sphere was just black like this:


I am no expert in this and new to javafx and couldn't find the problem in the code of the PolyLine3D. It shouldn't be a problem to add mutliple triangle mesh to a scene. Are there some light or camera effects I am not aware of?

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