I am trying to secure the backend for my app and I can't find a solution anywhere. The documentation isn't helping either.

I have 2 collections: users and usernames;

I want every user to have an unique username and they should be able to change it.

This is how my data looks:


These are my rules:

match /users/{uid} {
        allow write: if request.auth.uid != null && !exists(/username/$(resource.data.username));

match /username/{username} {
      allow write: if request.auth.uid != null;

I need to allow write in the usernames only if a username doesn't exist or if it's uid is the same as the authenticated user.

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    Could you enforce this logic in your application rather than the firestore rules? For example, query the data for the username being submitted to check if it exists before submitting a new username? – Dylan 6 mins ago
  • I can yes, but won't it be less secure that way? – ivan.vliza 4 mins ago
  • It doesn't look like there is a way to enforce uniqueness in firestore, but you may be able to accomplish it with cloud functions: stackoverflow.com/questions/47405774/… – Dylan 1 min ago

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