Have been stuck on this for a few days and cannot find any mention of someone experiencing this phenomenon. I have a Treeview and I am population the top level nodes and then sub level nodes but the top level nodes are not visible. They are there and function correctly but you just cannot see them.

Here is my code:

        for row in crystals.get_crystals():
        print('view row: ', row[0])
        # TODO: The root nodes are present but not visible
        idroot.append(self.crystal_tree.insert('', 'end', row[0], text=row[0], values="aaa"))
        print('idroot:', idroot)

    for idxtal in idroot:
        for row in crystals.get_xtal_info(idxtal):
            print('view row: ', row)
            self.crystal_tree.insert('', 'end', values=row)
            # TODO: Does not show up if placed as children
            # self.crystal_tree.insert(idxtal, 'end', values=row)
            # print('row =', row)

This is what I am getting: The 2 top parent nodes do not show up

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