So a have a list of items in an app (see the image below). There is a lot of screens with different items.

Work Order Items

I need to change the number on the Right-Side, that represents a devolution to the warehouse and keep it for each item. At first, I thought to keep a state on the component, but how would I keep a state for each item if I don't know how much items will have.

And I need to confirm all the items has that value and can be returned or was used in the maintenance. Then I will send a PUT request to an API that will update the DB.

The process is like:

Technician changes the value based on what he used in the maintenance, confirm each Item. When all items are confirmed, a button will appear to send that information to the server.

p.s: Sorry, I couldn't think in a better way to show what I wanted, hope someone can help me.

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