I am trying to test a library function that I have written (it works in my code) but cannot get the testing with the mock of the fs to work. I have a series of functions for working with the OS wrapped in functions so different parts of the application can use the same calls.

I have tried to follow this question with mocking the file system, but it does not seem to work for me.

A short sample to demonstrate the basics of my issue are below:

import * as fs from 'fs';
export function ReadFileContentsSync(PathAndFileName:string):string {
    if (PathAndFileName === undefined || PathAndFileName === null || PathAndFileName.length === 0) {
        throw new Error('Need a Path and File');
    return fs.readFileSync(PathAndFileName).toString();

So now I am trying to test this function using Jest:

import { ReadFileContentsSync } from "./read-file-contents-sync";
const fs = require('fs');

describe('Return Mock data to test the function', () => {
    it('should return the test data', () => {
        const TestData:string = 'This is sample Test Data';

// Trying to mock the reading of the file to simply use TestData
        fs.readFileSync = jest.fn();                

// Does not need to exist due to mock above     
        const ReadData = ReadFileContentsSync('test-path');

I get an exception that the file does not exist, but I would have expected the actual call to fs.readFileSync to not have been called, but the jest.fn() mock to have been used.

ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'test-path'

I am not sure how to do this mock?

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