I am struggling to upload object on s3 bucket using curl and openssl(which I have to use as required). Please find below my script for upload.

#!/bin/bash -e

# Upload a file to AWS S3.
timestamp=$(date -u "+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S")

iso_timestamp=$(date -ud "${timestamp}" "+%Y%m%dT%H%M%SZ")
  date_scope=$(date -ud "${timestamp}" "+%Y%m%d")
  date_header=$(date -ud "${timestamp}" "+%a, %d %h %Y %T %Z")

payload_hash() {
  local output=$(shasum -ba 256 "$file")
  echo "${output%% *}"

canonical_request() {
  echo "PUT"
  echo "/${prefix}/${file}"
  echo ""
  echo "date:${date_header}"
  echo "host:s3.company-rook.com"
  echo "x-amz-acl:public-read"
  echo "x-amz-content-sha256:$(payload_hash)"
  echo "x-amz-date:${iso_timestamp}"
  echo ""
  echo "${signed_headers}"
  printf "$(payload_hash)"

canonical_request_hash() {
  local output=$(canonical_request | shasum -a 256)
  echo "${output%% *}"

string_to_sign() {
  echo "AWS4-HMAC-SHA256"
  echo "${iso_timestamp}"
  echo "${date_scope}/${region}/s3/aws4_request"
  printf "$(canonical_request_hash)"

signature_key() {
  local secret=$(printf "AWS4${AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY?}" | hex_key)
  local date_key=$(printf ${date_scope} | hmac_sha256 "${secret}" | hex_key)
  local region_key=$(printf ${region} | hmac_sha256 "${date_key}" | hex_key)
  local service_key=$(printf "s3" | hmac_sha256 "${region_key}" | hex_key)
  printf "aws4_request" | hmac_sha256 "${service_key}" | hex_key

hex_key() {
  xxd -p -c 256

hmac_sha256() {
  local hexkey=$1
  openssl dgst -binary -sha256 -mac HMAC -macopt hexkey:${hexkey}

signature() {
  string_to_sign | hmac_sha256 $(signature_key) | hex_key | sed "s/^.* //"

curl -vk \
  -T "${file}" \
  -H "Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=${AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID?}/${date_scope}/${region}/s3/aws4_request,SignedHeaders=${signed_headers},Signature=$(signature)" \
  -H "Date: ${date_header}" \
  -H "x-amz-acl: public-read" \
  -H "x-amz-content-sha256: $(payload_hash)" \
  -H "x-amz-date: ${iso_timestamp}" \

The problem here is to calculate signature for authorization. Even though if I calculate hash for example given on AWS v4 test suite that is incorrect.

Please find Below how I calculate hash. Copied canonical request from amazon example. stored in get-vanilla-query-order-key-case.creq file.



Now if I calculate hash, it is different from what amazon is calculating. PFB 2 approaches to calculate.

C:\project\script>openssl dgst -sha256 get-vanilla-query-order-key-case.creq
SHA256(get-vanilla-query-order-key-case.creq)= 9e487d40177520aed8763d24c77c7179f67622debbd2b8188d93138ba6748ade

$ shasum -a 256 get-vanilla-query-order-key-case.creq
9e487d40177520aed8763d24c77c7179f67622debbd2b8188d93138ba6748ade *get-vanilla-query-order-key-case.creq

Need your suggestions what is going wrong here.

Note : if I run awscli command in debug and use the signature this curl is working.

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