I am using Nginx reverse proxy with Kubernetes services. Config is following:

    events {
    http {
          upstream my-service-3000 {
              server my-service:3000;
        server {
              listen 443 ssl;
              server_name myserver.net;
              ssl_certificate     /key.pem;
              ssl_certificate_key /key.pem;
              location / {
                    allow myIP;
                    deny all;
                    proxy_pass http://my-service-3000;
        server {

It works fine (doing reverse proxy, terminating ssl, changing port, finding Kubernetes service), till the moment I try whitelist only my IP. When I try to access service via https - I got 403 from Nginx. I've tried to move around allow/deny commands, but it do not help. Any suggestions where could be the problem?
Also I am behind proxy by my self - so I am using my external organisation IP.

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