Using .Net 4.5.2 I have the following example code...

var cmd = new SqlCommand();
cmd.Parameters.Add(new SqlParameter("@CONTENTHYPERLINK", SqlDbType.VarChar, 50));
cmd.Parameters["@contentHyperlink"].Value = "hello world";

The third link causes an IndexOutOfRangeException exception

But if I use any of the following (which purely changes the case of the parameter name) it works!

cmd.Parameters["@CONTENTHYPERLINK"].Value = "hello world";
cmd.Parameters["@contenthyperlink"].Value = "hello world";
cmd.Parameters["@contenTHYperlink"].Value = "hello world";

If I use any of the following, it doesn't work...

cmd.Parameters["@contentHyperlink"].Value = "hello world";
cmd.Parameters["@contentHYPERLINK"].Value = "hello world";
cmd.Parameters["@CONTENtHYPERLINK"].Value = "hello world";

(And there are are lots more examples of ones that do and don't work that I won't bother listing here.)

Why on earth does something that should be case-insensitive throw an exception on particular cases?

(I realise the solution to the problem is use one that doesn't cause an exception, but I want to know why this is happening)

  • Does that happen in a new empty project? For me all the examples work as expected in 4.5.2 – Alex K. 4 mins ago
  • @Alex - I'm just trying something similar (an earlier version of the project, where this code has worked for over 10 years without issue) – freefaller 3 mins ago
  • @Alex - sigh... it's working :-( ok, need to figure out what's going on – freefaller 1 min ago

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