I am trying to create a JDBC data source in WebSphere. Testing the connection returns the error message:

JVMCFRE003 bad major version; class=com/microsoft/sqlserver/jdbc/SQLServerConnectionPoolDataSource, offset=6

my environment and configuration:

JDK 1.7_64
JDBC driver: sqljdbc41.jar
OS: Linux eagnmnmed294 3.0.101-108.68-default #1 SMP Mon Aug 13 18:53:23 UTC 2018 (ef94234) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

SystemOut.log starts with:

************ Start Display Current Environment ************ WebSphere Platform [ND cf131801.05] [IBMJAVA7 cf131751.02] [IBMJAVA8 cf131751.02] running wi th process name eagnmnmed294Network\eagnmnmed294\ploc_sit_294 and process id 47449 Host Operating System is Linux, version 3.0.101-108.68-default Java version = 1.7.0, Java Runtime Version = pxa6470sr10fp20-20180221_01 (SR10 FP20), Java Compiler = j9jit26, Java VM name = IB M J9 VM was.install.root = /opt/WebSphere/AppServer855 user.install.root = /opt/WebSphere/AppServer855/profiles/eagnmnmed294 Java Home = /opt/WebSphere/AppServer855/java_1.7_64/jre

I have also tried with another version of driver: sqljdbc42.jar

I got the same error.

What I am missing here?

Appreciate your help!

The sqljdbc42.jar corresponds to JDBC 4.2, which is a Java SE 8 specification and is compiled with Java 8 bytecode.

Since you are running on Java 7, you can't run higher than Java 7 bytecode. Try downgrading to a JDBC 4.1 jar that is compiled with Java 7 bytecode instead, or upgrade your Java runtime to be Java 8.

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