loadcsv(file: File): string[]  {
        let csvRecordsArray: string[];
        this.parse(file).then((p) => {console.log(p); csvRecordsArray = p as string[]; } );
        console.log('mydata', csvRecordsArray);
        return csvRecordsArray;

Console.log inside the "then" prints the data I need. Nothing wrong with the promise. However since it does not block my second console.log has undefined in csvRecordsArray. So I readup up on Promises and learn that I need to await. As soon as I type async to make loadcsv async ts lint says Type 'string[]' is not a valid async function return type in ES5/ES3 because it does not refer to a Promise-compatible constructor value.

Please help me get out of this tailspin..

If your function is an async function because you need to use await, those functions always return a Promise.

So the correct signature for this is:

loadcsv(file: File): Promise<string[]>  {

You can change the implementation of your loadcsv function by making it async. For that, you'll have to await the function call to this.parse.

Change your implementation like this:

async loadcsv(file: File): Promise<string[]> {
  let csvRecordsArray: string[];
  csvRecordsArray = await this.parse(file);
  console.log('mydata', csvRecordsArray);
  return csvRecordsArray as string[];

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